Top 5 IT Mistakes Businesses Make

Don't let technology be a pain-point in your operations! It shouldn't have to be. Businesses that avoid the following 5 mistakes see fewer outages, have less downtimes, and reduced headaches in IT.

Here are the Top 5 mistakes we commonly see businesses make:

1.) Using Consumer Grade Equipment

To be frank, unless you are an ice cream shop or a food cart, you shouldn't be buying cheap hardware like a $35 home internet router or a $50 wireless printer. Inexpensive items like these cause more time to troubleshoot than your time is worth. When the business is running, rebooting the router or messing with the configuration of wireless settings shouldn't be required.

Yet, there is also no need to go buy $20,000 enterprise grade equipment either if you're only 10 employees. The happy medium is often the best choice here. At the middle-ground, customers usually see reliable networks at a cost-effective price-point.

2.) Solving It All With One Solution

Google is a great search engine but not the best for spreadsheets. An iPad isn't meant for Photoshop. It is important to identify which solution a product is intended for and not stretch it beyond practicality. The impacts of a universal product can have very negative consequences.

A few years ago, we had a dentist office run email, file sharing, DNS, DHCP, and from one dusty computer in the back. What do you think happened when the hard-drive failed? Even with a backup, the MTTR was still a day and a half.

3.) Not Involving an Expert / Doing It Yourself

A salesman should focus on sales. A mechanic needs to focus on cars. Don't distract employees from doing the job they were hired to do. Whether it's a full time employee or a consultant, you need a specific IT resource to work on the technology.

Our bias is obviously that, but for good reason. We have seen time and time again, businesses which burn out non-IT employees for everything tech related. These people have sales/HR/deliveries to attend to... not IT.

4.) Being Reactive instead of Proactive

Do you only call tech support when a computer crashes or the internet is slow? Instead, by taking the proactive approach and hiring an IT expert, they can keep the infrastructure updated, patched, and identify bottlenecks before they occur. It seems obvious, but you never decide to get an oil change only after the car breaks down. Technology like cars, need regular maintenance. Here is where we recommend an inexpensive reoccurring monthly/bimonthly contract for that regular tune-up. (Hint: Check out Our Services)

5.) Employing the wrong IT Employees/Consultants

To put it kindly, you might have the wrong man for the job. Just like any trade or skill, IT is developed and refined. There also could be a lack of dedication to do what is right for the customer.

So unfortunately for the business, this could again have negative consequences. Not patching results in security risks. Not architecting the infrastructure correctly can cause a single point of failure.

The solution is to employ the right IT people for the job. People who have past experience, who have in-depth technical knowledge, and who can communicate in non-technical jargon.

Our Team at Systems500 has the years of experience and the technical knowledge your business requires. Let us prove it to you with a free Network assessment. Afterward, if you decide to purchase our services are dissatisfied, we promise a full money back guarantee. We would love to chat with you about your requirements and be your IT solution. We're here for you; Contact Us today!